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Cost of Postage Stamps

The huge quantity of mail delivered daily

The above series of event, is suspected of being too old and completely inefficient thereby producing the present price of postage stamps. On one hand, business professionals request immediate steps to bring more efficiency in this domain which would radically affect the expense of postage stamps.

They say there are a number of methods to eliminate the strain on the present postage price of postage stamps system, like raising both eligibility and number of the postal employees or enhancing transportation technology click here.

The main point is to provide better postage services by enhancing the quality of the existing postage system which will lead to

They pretend that other existing systems - such as email, for example, would have higher results with smaller prices. That is why they claim that increasing the purchase price of postage stamps will raise the expense of postage stamps, and drive away customers, causing them to get online and use the exceptional web communication tools.

In the 1860s - 1870s, ten styles of "grills" were developed to emboss used ones and fight illegal stamp reuse.  1 penny "Z-Grill" US postage stamps from 1868 recently sold for $935,000 to stamp dealers.  Later, among the Z-Grills was traded for a block of Inverted Jenny stamps (worth $3 million).

In 1893, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's landing in the America, they had been issued, constituting some of Columbus's high seas adventures, some for as much as $5 (that was a LOT in 1893!).  Nowadays, these colorful collectibles sell for $1,500 to $12,500, depending on the status.